Introducing the TruePower 4

The developement of the Microdim products started in 1997 to address some specific needs of a few Finnish audio-visual companies for DMX-512 compatible equipment. Indeed, some of the software routines in TruePower 4 date back to the year 1997. We started with a low-cost DMX-512 demultiplexer and a few small lighting controllers.

The first TruePower 4 with the project workname "Microdim" saw the daylight in 1998. Since then we have fine-tuned the dimmer for ultimate robustness, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility. The end result is a versatile, light, safe and extremely reliable light dimmer with some pretty impressive properties.

Our test customers have enjoyed the performance of the TruePower 4 for more than three years now in five European countries. Confident now of its ultimate robustness and unparalleled performance and reliability, we are proud to present it for general distribution. The TruePower 4 is now in full production.

Take a moment, sit back, relax and learn more about the properties of the TruePower 4. And when You are ready, contact us for further information, test use agreement or place an order, we are anxiously waiting for your email or call.