Advanced technology gives You the absolute power

The TruePower digital dimmers use complex mathematical modelling of electric loads, effectively linearizing the output through the whole dynamic range. This property, by which the product line has been named, gives you, the user, the ultimate control of the lighting situation on stage.

With traditional dimmers without intelligent light controllers, the amount of light emitted from the fixture changes nonlinearily as you slide the potentiometer, changing most in the middle. With the TruePower the relative change is the same, over the whole slider travel. This enables you to control the lighting situation on stage more quickly and efficiently than with traditional dimmers. Without the TruePower ability, you must constantly look at the stage to verify smooth transitions and color consistency on a live lighting situation, whereas with the TruePower you can rely on the dimmer, knowing that every fixture behaves the same way, no matter if its light level is high or low. You must experience it to see the huge difference it makes and how much easier it makes your work, especially with low light levels and smooth transitions. You can use the whole slider travel to control the lighting situation, not just the middle portion.